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From the finest crafters in Italy comes MAXMILA – our newest line of premium frames. Boasting sleek styling and durable crafting, MAXMILA delivers diverse functionality and a style punch that compliments a discerning clientele. From boardrooms and convertibles to golf courses and sailing, MAXMILA sparks your lifestyle with panache. And while these exclusive frames catch the eye and fuel the spirit, their unmatched value is a feature easily overlooked. By providing MAXMILA frames at such a reasonable price point, you can expect many clients to augment their collection with multiple new frames. Furthermore, your clients will capture attention wherever their travels take them. This will certainly put your name on the lips of many potential new clients.

Rest assured, we value the professional reputations of every optometrist and optician we serve. We hand-pick only proven crafters dedicated to superior materials and methods. That commitment to craft is reflected in the fine details and superior performance of our frames, as well as the loyalty of our clients.

By featuring MAXMILA frames, you will complement your expert services and solidify the quality reputation of your professional brand. Your clients will look and feel better than ever. The choice is obvious – MAXMILA exclusive frames from Maxim Eyewear Inc.

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